What we do is not rocket surgery. That’s your job. But we do love science and have a flair for communicating it. For more than a decade, we’ve helped science-based companies speak with their markets. It’s a journey that’s taken us from the lab to the boardroom and all points in between. Along the way, we’ve developed some strong guiding principles.


The idea that marketing should increase sales somehow got lost in the space-time continuum. At Chempetitive Group, we understand that marketing is an investment, not a cost center. That’s why we design campaigns that are noticed by your market...and your accountants.

Sales and marketing

Marketing opens the conversation. Sales closes the deal. They belong together, so why are they so often worlds apart? We gather intel from your reps and use it to shape truly supportive communications that will get them on board.

Open and collaborative

Ok, so we’re greedy. Loving science isn’t enough. We want to love our clients, too. That means open, collaborative relationships founded on an honest exchange of ideas and effort. Besides, working with friends is just more fun.

Status quo sucks

For creative that makes an impact, we step outside the comfort zone to produce something new that makes a difference. Forget all the trite science images you’ve seen before. Your campaign will be outstanding because it stands out.

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