World domination means building a team of allies who bring the same passion, intensity and effectiveness, while delivering complementary marketing and scientific skillsets and experience. That’s why Chempetitive Group has extended its reach through these strategic and dedicated partnerships that deliver results for our clients. Plus, it means we get to hang out and collaborate with some really awesome people around the globe.

The Connell Group

BioStrataThe Connell Group is a boutique insight and brand strategy consultancy with a passion for customer understanding. We help our clients better understand what truly matters to their target customers to inform brand strategy, innovation and brand experience outcomes. We are a full-service qualitative and quantitative research provider, with extensive experience globally, inclusive of emerging markets. We have strong expertise and experience in Healthcare and Life Sciences and have done research around the world with patients, physicians, surgeons, scientists, lab directors, and executives. What sets us apart is our ability to translate customer insights into more effective brand strategies and growth-driving actions for our clients.

Life Science Network

Life Science NetworkThe Life Science Network is the destination for life science professionals who wish to network, communicate, share ideas and connect with others. The international group is composed of executives, scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and media across biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical technology, diagnostics and research communities. People join the Life Science Network to build their network, share their passion for science, get the latest updates on the life science industry, and to attend one of its now legendary "Unwind" networking events. The Life Science Network brings no industry agenda. You won't finding them pushing promotion disguised as learning. This is a relaxed forum in which we can all come together for easy communication, to make new connections, find new ways to collaborate, and help one another find the latest jobs or partnering opportunities.


YelloBluYelloBlu, a spin-off of Chempetitive Group, focuses on cleantech and environmental sciences. In other words, we work with companies that help heal people and they work with companies that help heal the planet. Hundreds of exciting new technologies are emerging to better balance the world’s growing population with dwindling natural resources. The cleantech age has arrived. YelloBlu is here to help communicate its many new innovations—from prototype to commercialization.

Hopothesis Beer Company

HopothesisYes, you read that correctly, “beer.” Circa 2011, we decided to get into the consumables business. One of our teammates was a home brewer. He made really great beer. So we decided to commercialize his recipes. After all, fermentation is the foundation of life science. And apparently, we live science, long. Anyhow, we thought if Pharma companies can do it, so can Chempetitive. We in-licensed formulations, further developed and tested, filed legal paperwork, contract manufactured, assured quality, lined up distribution and then marketed. The good news is that we created a very unique and geeky scientific brand that has a very strong following. The great news is, and this was a Teflon-like by-product, we’re building greater and more deeper understanding of consumer behavior. We find ourselves in the same product marketing challenges as our clients. True, our product is more fun to dispense at the office, in draught form. Come by and visit. No offense to our other partners, but you feel the effects of Hopothesis faster.