Whether you’re a market leader or a niche player, there’s something you do better than anyone else. The trick is to make sure the right people notice. That’s where creative comes in. Armed with an intimate understanding of your brand and your audience, we’ll tell your story best.



A word of warning: We’re good at designing campaigns that stick, so it’s important to make sure the creative is right for your brand.

Our process begins with a creative road map that lays down all the ground rules, from your key message to the tone and personality of the communication. If you don’t know what those are, step over to our strategy section.


Creativity starts long before design, copywriting or animation. Speak to us about attention-grabbing and productive ways to deliver your message.

Imaginative print and online media buys can do a lot to switch people on to your message. Interactive microsites and direct mail can make lasting impressions. But tactics are a lot like catalysts—choose the wrong one and you could be waiting a long time for a reaction.

Let’s talk about the best form of outreach for your needs. Here’s a little list of capabilities to help start the conversation.

  • Advertising (all media)
  • Web Design, Online Applications and Multimedia
  • Art Direction and Graphic Design
  • Content Development and Copywriting
  • Brand Identity and Logo Creation
  • Trade show booths and Activation
  • Merchandise and giveaways
  • Direct mail
  • Collateral

Creative philosophy

Marketing is everywhere. Your audience isn’t just saturated with commercial messages, they’re super-saturated. Let’s be part of a different solution.

Feel the love with Chempetitive Group creative that's:


Your product can’t stand out if the creative looks just like everyone else's. Because we’re trying to differentiate you, there’s a good chance we’ll do something you haven’t seen before. Check your clichés at the door.


Creative can’t be all style. There’s got to be substance, too. We work hard to keep it real, using a look and feel that resonate with your audience. Fortunately we work exclusively with your market, so we know exactly how to do that.


Here’s the bit that pays the bills. We haven’t done our job until you get ROI—more sales, more awareness, more love. Our logical and compelling narrative will take your audience from first impression to lasting change.

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